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Žiarislav's CD 'From the Mountain Paradise' is nominated for best world album 

by Just Plain Folks (2009).  Žiarislav's song "Ked pojdem do sveta" 

from the album 'Beings Above' was nominated for best world song in 2006.


Žiarislav's music is connected to his way of life and all areas of his practice. Played on hand made instruments and sang right from the heart, his music is organic and full of life. While part of ŽiariSlav's work is inspired by traditional songs of different Slovak regions with his unique arrangements and often revised lyrics to fit his philosophy, other is completely original.

   Three of his CDs  were made accessible on CDbaby.com: 

Just Plain Folks nominee


Z vrcharskeho raja / From the Mountain Paradise

is Žiarislav's tenth and the best selling CD. About half of the songs are upbeat and rocking, some are slow ballads. Even though all lyrics are in Slovak language, you will know exactly what this man is singing about as he included sounds of nature and his animals - horses, goats, dogs - on the recordings. 
Special guest - singing dog Borka (track #15 "white sheep dog").

Bytosti Hore / Beings Above

 is Žiarislav's 5th self published album recorded with his band "Bytosti" (Beings). 

All lyrics are in Slovak language.

to listen to the samples click here

digital links: payplay, e-music, Apple iTunes


Putovali Hudci / Wandering Musicians

This is a live recording of the band "Bytosti" recorded on their trip to Wales, released in December 2005. 

All lyrics are in Slovak language.

to listen to the samples click here


List of all CDs:


- Znovuzrodenie (Revival, 1998), instrumental

- Divopiesne (Wild Songs, 1999), instrumental

- Liečivé piesne (Healing Songs, 1999)

- Perúnovo drevo (Wood of Perun, 2000)

- Bytosti hore (Beings Above, 2002, 2nd publ. 2006)

- Ó Lada Lada (2004)

- Vianočné piesne (Christmas Songs, 2004)

- Píšťaly fujary (Whistles and Fujaras, 2005 best of)

 - Putovali Hudci (Wandering Musicians 2005)

- Z vrchárskeho raja (From the Mountain Paradise, 2006)

- Clovek horam (2008)