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ŽiariSlav - writer, musician, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, instrument maker, former journalist and geologist, lives and works in seclusion in the mountains of central Slovakia where he moved after many years of intensive work in urban areas. He a is founder of the the Native Circle, an organization  for revival of the ancient natural spirituality. In the mountains he created a special animal farm of free ranged horses, goats, sheep, dogs. He is often visited by people interested in the natural lifestyle and ancient spirituality, as well as those that are planning to settle in the nearby area. Žiarislav regularly travels around Slovakia and Czech Republic as well as abroad (recently United States, Warsaw and Moscow) where he speaks on traditions and natural lifestyle and perform music solo or with his band Bytosti (trans. Beings). Aside from music and lectures he performs different ceremonies of ancient annual celebrations, name accepting ceremonies and weddings. He gives creative workshops on music, instrument making and different areas of Vedomstvo - practice based on ancient spirituality and natural lifestyle. He facilitates summer camps for children and adults as well as workshops of natural crafts and trades with other artists and artisans.

In addition to music, books, arts, crafts and dance, Žiarislav's recent work includes ethnography, ethnology, ethno-musicology and history in connection with the revived Slavic ancient spirituality.  

Žiarislav finds the answers and remedies for the current civilization and ecological problems in the revival of Slovak and Slavic traditions and culture, through which he points towards the Indo-European culture, encompassing all humanity and all beings. 

Žiarislav's other interests and hobbies include archery with hand made bows and arrows, production of goat and sheep cheese and animal care.


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